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H - is for hard-working, a helping hand
A - is for admirable, we certainly are! 
Z - is for zest, our zeal for life. 
I - is for interest, we show in our clients!
L - is for loyalty, that we will show. 
E - is for excellence, our passion, our drive!

Hazile Group Holdings  is a BBBEE level 1 (black female & youth owned) which has three Subsidiaries 

providing innovative business solutions in the various industries where it operates in;

by fulfilling a demand for innovative Solutions in those sectors.


Each entity is run effectively, uniquely and yet with the same

Corporate professionalism that is encapsulated in our Position Statement:  


Remarkable Service Everytime

"Remarkable Service, Everytime"

Our Values:

What Drives us:

Remarkable - shows in our passion to always excel beyond customer expectations.


Service - shows our Servant leadership approach and Customer centricity focus.


Everytime - confirms our on-going and consistent high standard delivery in all we do.

We are committed to transformation and empowerment thus our executive management comprises of youth and females;


As an organisation we are committed to sustainable development and playing a leading role in transformational solutions, diversity and inclusion.

Our Exceptional Sustainability  & Community building approach helps us deliver innovative & intergrated solutions in a dynamic, complext economic and social environment.


Let us work together to create that world invite us to come along and be part of your journey.


Our Principles: 


Hazile wants to define itself as a dynamic black female and youth owned company within the Agri, Water and Energy space focused on sustainable development, through an innovative brand that is driven by technology in its offerings.


Our  mission is to be an industry leader in contributing to social welfare and sustainable development through our involvement and reliance on the basic pillars of sustainability: economic welfare generation, environmental protection and social responsibility.