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Hazile Renewable energy aims to develop an affordable, renewable, alternative energy source to millions in Africa with no foreseeable access to the national electricity supply.


We will specialise in providing various renewable energy solutions to rural and undeveloped communities in South Africa and other African countries. Our off-grid solar electrification projects provide and effective and renewable energy source that meets the highest safety and design specifications.

We aim to be at the forefront of the renewable energy industry with dissemination of the latest research and development related to various renewable energy source (incl. solar and boifuel) from natural sources.



We are involved in both Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar energy. We do installation, maintenance and replacement of products for:

  • Solar Hot Water.
  • Solar Electricity
  • Passive Solar Heating and Daylighting
  • Solar Process Space Heating and Cooling

We looking at exploring the use of Wind turbines for household which is currently at a research phase and will be rolled out in the next 5-8 years. We are closely following the the changes in policy, technical requirements of wind and economic sustainability. 


In as much as South Africa has had a drop in rainfall over the past few years; hydro as a source of energy is still not as explored as it could be. We are looking at how we can partner with private companies to re-activate some of the Hydro sites which are currently not in use. like Belvedere, Sabie Horse Shoe falls amongts others.




We are looking at using the algae from our waste water cleaning (we use bio augmentation process to treat our water) to convert into biofuels for sale to the South African biofuels market. The global trend towards renewable energy sources together with the sophistication of production technology and the proposed mandatory blending of bioethanol into the South African fuel stream, make the conversion of algae a very attractive opportunity.


Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel made from renewable resources. The most common process uses transesterification whereby methyl esters are produced from fats & oils yielding biodiesel, a non-toxic biodegradable fuel that can be burned in diesel engines and glycerin, which can be used in industrial and pharmaceutical applications.