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Waste Management

We at HAZILE believe effective waste management has become a vital part of our lives (all homeowners, business owners & eco-conscious consumers). 


Through the use of the latest technologies, we are able to offer our clients an effective high quality waste management service.


We offer an umbrella of services to various industries, consisting of a diverse range of waste streams. 


  • Total Waste Management Service
  • Commercial Waste Removal Services (Shopping centres, Office Blocks etc)
  • Hazardous & Biohazardous Waste Removal Services
  • Industrial Waste Removal Services
  • Domestic Waste Removal
  • Garden Waste Removal

We are Licenced with CSIR to provide Smart Water Technology via their SMART METERS

Our Approach:

  • Profile the user (consumption, quality of water and structure, etc

  • Identify the challenges (water flow, quality, leakages etc.)

  • Install the meter 

  • Train the responsible person on how to pull data 

  • Also provide on-going support

Waste Water Treatment Approaches
We can successfully alter the treatment COD,BOD,Sludge Reduction and other waste water related issues using Bio Augmentation and other Envrionmentally safe products.

We also do water purification with solar & utilize several other applications to ensure safe drinking water.

Benefits of Bio Augmentation:
  • Products are environmentally friendly,safe & easy to use, transport & store.
  • Biological solution is less expensive then mechanical soloution. 
  • Does not reguire civil infrastructure - reduces project management burden on client, 
  • Solution can be implemented immediately and results are visible within a few weeks. 
  • We can recycle the residue to burn and create biofuel in our Renewable Energy Division
 Sanitation Management
  • Water Saving Toilet flushing products/Mechanisms
  • Containerrised Ablution Facilities instal and maintainance
  • Pit Latrine toilet Maintainance in Rural areas

Our Water Management division understands that clean water is a basic human right and we want to work with both government and private sector in supplying clean water.


We offer the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment solutions, desalination facilities, waste water treatment plants and  treatment plants for water reuse.

Our water management Areas:


  • Provision & Maintenance of Water Purification Systems
  • Water Dispensers for office and home use
  • Water Safety Programme (incl Blue Drop Standard)
  • Waste Water Effluent Compliance
  • Waste Water Plant Treatments
  • Hot Water systems
  • Algae Control in Drinking water reservoirs
  • Containerised Waste Water Treatment Plans for Mining, Construction and Rural Areas
Clean Water Management & Supply